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Detroit Photographer Rosh Sillars. When art buyers, editors and marketing directors look for a professional photographer in Detroit, Rosh is a top choice. His work is regularly seen in the Detroit area media, corporate marketing and advertising. It is also common to see his work used for national and international editorial and marketing campaigns.  His clients include magazines, major advertising agencies, Fortune 500 companies, public relations firms, and companies large and small. The people portfolio below consists of well-known Detroit and Michigan CEO’s, celebrities and politicians. Rosh specializes in capturing people’s personality and story for his clients.

Rosh Sillars home photography studio is White House Studios  – the studio has a small kitchen, dressing areas, storage, and shooting locations inside and out of the main building. Of course, we have a designated client work area with wi-fi for your convenience. White house Studios is located on Woodward, a mile 1/2 north of the Detroit border in Pleasant Ridge Michigan.


Tell the story is the number one priority of Rosh’s photography. Although Rosh has his own style, he is well versed in multiple photographic techniques and often lets the vision of the client or the scene around him dictate how he approaches the creation of a photograph.

Some scenes require more creative intervention, while others need a let it happen approach. Rosh starts with few or no lights to understand the environment. He then gradually adds lights one at a time until he achieves the look and feel necessary to tell the story to create his client's vision.


Read about Detroit Photographer Rosh Sillars as seen in the Detroit News and Free Press (downloadable PDF)

Rosh is a well-known people photographer, based in Detroit Michigan. Over his career, he has photographed presidents, politicians, celebrities, CEO’s and famous executives. He has a photojournalism background which gives him an advantage. Rosh thinks quickly, solves problems and gets the job done fast and efficiently.

Rosh is a specialist on location or in his studio White House Studios Detroit. He creates a large number of images for his clients to select and use for their projects.  Rosh understands lighting and is able to use ambient, natural or strobes to get the job done right. Rosh's productions are low impact and non-disruptive to your team. He often photographs on location solo or with a light support crew. This depends on his clients goals and the nature of the assignment.

Rosh accepts creative and high-profile assignments and is enthusiastic about supporting you and your vision. If Rosh is not available, he has a team of photographers to support you when you need a photographer last minute.

You can find Rosh speaking around the United States and the world to photography groups, professional conferences and corporate boardrooms about the importance of photography and cutting-edge marketing concepts.

He enjoys supporting his photography community with photographic concepts, business, and marketing ideas. Rosh shares his photography, social media and digital marketing ideas at

In addition to owning the photographic representation firm The Rosh Group, Inc. he supports businesses via his digital marketing company Rosh Media.

Some of the Detroit and Michigan Politicians Rosh has photographed are Detroit Mayors — Coleman Young, Dennis Archer, Kwame Kilpatrick,Dave Bing and  Mike Duggan. Michigan Governors Jim Blanchard, John Engler, Jennifer Granholm and Rick Synder.  He has also photographed numerous national politicians such as Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

As a newspaper, magazine and Fox Sports Detroit photographer he has photographed local, national and international professional sports games and players from all major sports leagues.

Rosh regularly photographs Detroit, Michigan, business and community leaders such as transportation Mogul Matty Moroun, Fred Meijer, Scott Monty , Josh Linkner and David Van Andel.

The entertainment world has not escaped his lens. National and local bands, community members such as Detroit singers Kem and Aretha Franklin have been photographed by Rosh.

Rosh taught photography at two universities for fifteen years.  Rosh is a six-term past president of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) – Michigan chapter.  Sillars was a featured speaker on the ASMP strictly business tour (SB3).  He also writes for photography and business magazines.

Rosh was named Michigan’s best event photographer by Michigan Meetings and Events Magazine. He has won many press photography awards. Rosh uses his photojournalism background to effectively tell his clients stories and he is excited to tell your story. Connect with Rosh


Rosh is easy to work with and is known for working at a productive pace without losing quality and creativity in his imagery.

He understands that his job is to create photographic images that make you look good for selecting him as your photographer.

Rosh works well on location.  He usually travels light but works with a full crew when the assignment demands it.  Executives and business owners are busy people. Many of his executive portraits are taken on location in boardrooms and corporate offices with limited time available. Keeping his equipment flexible and light allows him to work quickly.

On all assignments, Rosh starts with one light and builds the set around the main strobe.  Some images work best with only one light source while other images require multiple supporting lights and reflectors.

Sometimes it is easier to meet at a central location and Octane Photographic Studio is available when needed.  Octane is minutes from the intersection of I-696 and I-75 in Ferndale Michigan. It is a full-service studio complete with a dressing room, work areas, wi-fi and Kitchen.

After Rosh takes your image he will edit the files and display them on a personal web preview page.  Once you select your images the photographs will be uploaded to a gallery at for you to download at your convenience.  Regular clients may keep their images in the gallery as an archive.

For large groups of people an e-commerce photographic gallery can be created so each subject can pay for their own images.  The system may also be set up to download digital photographic files or order custom photographic prints or products.

Rosh will invoice clients via Email after the delivery of the images.  The Rosh Group, Inc. accepts checks, cash and major credit cards.  Rosh can accept credit cards on location when appropriate.


Rosh Sillars photographs are license according to the laws of the United States.  He offers flexible photographic use options and is willing to work with his clients to create the best plan for their needs.

Pricing is based on the value of the image rather than the time it takes to create it.  Rosh uses a low risk per image pricing system.  Clients only pay for the images they like and select. Note: hard costs such as location, props and models are usually not included.

For more information about photography use, copyright and pricing please review the pricing page.

Please take the time to review Detroit photographer Rosh Sillars portfolio and photography related blog posts found here on  If you need to contact Rosh please call him 248 677 1080 or email

Thank you.